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Coronation Montessori PreSchool

Coronation Montessori PreSchool

Glenmore Location

Kelowna’s First Choice for Early Childhood Education

As a fully licensed authentic Montessori preschool, a peaceful and inviting environment has been created where young children learn and thrive. Students progress at their own pace using carefully chosen materials surrounded by beauty and order. Children also enjoy a safe outdoor playground area where they exercise large muscles, socialize, plant gardens, and enjoy the natural beauty of the changing seasons. Coronation Montessori PreSchool is located in the beautiful Glenmore area, in Kelowna, BC. We are open for registration and tours by appointment only. Please email me for more details at

Judith Lanaway

Meet Judith Lanaway

Owner/Preschool Director/Montessori Teacher

For the safety and protection of everyone, I am fully vaccinated and have put in place required COVID-19 policies and procedures as per BC public health orders.

Judith is a graduate of the Early Childhood Education Program with a Special Needs Certification and an Infant Toddler Certification from the University of the Fraser Valley. Judith also has Certification in Early Intervention Speech and Language, and Certification in the Orton Gillingham Learning Abilities Therapeutic Tudors Program. After returning to the North Okanagan, she worked as a family counsellor, then opened her own preschool, earning her Montessori Teaching Diploma at that time. Judith lives in Kelowna and has opened Coronation Montessori Preschool in the beautiful, quiet Glenmore area. Coronation Montessori Preschool is open for registration and tours by appointment only.

All emails and phone calls will be returned within 24 hours. Parents are encouraged to email to waitlist their child for preschool classes.

Registration starts in January each year for a September start.

Judith looks forward to getting to know her new students and their families. She has extensive experience teaching preschool for over 20 years, and feels blessed to be included in the process of a child’s early education.


We Are a Fully Licensed Authentic Montessori Preschool

Coronation Montessori offers gentle guidance by certified teachers who understand Maria Montessori’s vision of a carefully planned environment, developmentally suited to the sensitive periods of a child’s life between 3 to 5 years of age. Our three-hour classes, scheduled three times per week are ideal for preschool-age children.

At Coronation Montessori children enjoy:

Developing a lifelong joy and excitement for learning

Developing a lifelong joy and excitement for learning

Multi-age classroom setting

Multi-age classroom setting

Uninterrupted work periods

Uninterrupted work periods

Montessori materials and Montessori-trained professionals

Montessori materials and Montessori-trained professionals

Developing cooperative social skills

Developing cooperative social skills

Offering early learning classes for children ages 3, 4, and 5 years old from September through June each year. For more information, download our PARENT BOOKLET.

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Mrs. Lanaway is an exceptional teacher with such a special gift. She has created an environment that is so warm and welcoming for her students. Our son looks forward to going to school everyday and is constantly learning new things at Coronation Montessori. We feel very lucky that our child is able to have such a positive experience with his first exposure to school, and we are confident that his time at Coronation Montessori will help to set him up for success in Kindergarten. We would recommend Mrs. Lanaway to anybody who is lucky enough to be taught by her.

The Davidson Family

Our daughter Milli was a graduate of Mrs. Lanaway’s former pre-school in Vernon. I believe that being with Mrs. Lanaway laid the foundation for Milli’s further education and helped her transition smoothly into the school system. Mrs. Lanaway gave the children structure and stimulation in a such a safe and fun environment. She embraced all her students with kindness and compassion and got them excited and engaged about learning whilst teaching them social skills. Milli now lives back in Australia and the day she was accepted into university to study Law one of the first people she called was Mrs. Lanaway. That gives you an insight into how highly our family valued Mrs. Lanaway’s contribution to Milli’s education.

The Grant Family

My daughter was instructed in pre-school by Judith, and I feel the instruction she received that year coupled with Judith’s skills directly resulted in my daughter starting Kindergarten with not only better academic skills and habits, but also better social and interactive skills than other children her age. I would recommend Judith’s school to any other parent looking to give their children a good head start to their school years.

The Cucheron Family

My name is Jered Dennis and both my boys attended Judith’s preschool spanning more than 6 years.

It was our experience that Judith Lanaway facilitated a safe, professional, caring, educational and nurturing environment for both our boys to learn, play and thrive. Judith has numerous systems in place to ensure the safety of the children encompassing; drop-off, in school attendance and student pick-up. Judith ensured healthy snacks and appropriate play and learning activities, targeted to our boys specific developmental stages. Judith Lanaway puts the best interest of the children in her care first. She is a genuinely caring and nurturing soul, with the patience only a dedicated and professional preschool educator can possess. Judith’s preschool is an amazing preschool which I would recommend to any parent. The peace of mind knowing that your children are safe and preparing developmentally for kindergarten is PRICELESS.

The Dennis Family

Who is Judith Lanaway?

  • She is that teacher my children will always remember for the positive and loving introduction to learning.
  • She is the teacher that I will always remember for the guidance that I needed to be a better parent.
  • She is modest, non-judgmental, patient, honest and dedicated
  • She is the person who adopts a family (and sometimes more) at Christmas and gathers donations, food, gifts, and clothing on their behalf. What most people don’t know is that she stores, supplements, and delivers the donations throughout the year so that the family isn’t without at the ‘forgotten’ holidays like Easter and other celebrations.
  • She is the person who traded a car load of non-perishable food items for 10 cabbages from a single mother.
  • She is extremely diligent, working long hours yet remaining enthusiastic and positive each and every day.
  • She is a wonderful leader and will give advice when asked for but with love and in the best interest of the child-even when it’s not what the parents want to hear.
  • She greets each child and parent with a big smile and a “Good Morning”
  • She is that person who remembers everyone’s name
  • She is that person who has found her calling

Submitted for the Woman of the Year Award

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